Contest '02


All foldable or dismountable recumbent or semi-recumbent bikes with two or three wheels are permitted to enter. The participant must have constructed the bike or its main parts by him or herself. He (or she) or an authorised

representative must present the bike in person at the event.

The bike must be ready to ride, and it must be at least possible to mount the components required by safety regulations: (two) brakes, lights, etc. Some luggage carrying provision should also be possible.

Main Judging Criteria:

The main evaluation will consider the following factors:

• Is folding and unfolding easy and fast?
The sum of the time taken to fold and unfold will be measured
• Is it a small folded package (for commuting by train, for example)?
The dimensions of the folded package will be measured*
• Is the overall weight low?*
• Is it comfortable to carry? This will include consideration of:
Is the chain covered?
Are there one or more pieces?
Can it be rolled along, or must it be carried?
Are delicate parts, e.g. derailleurs, protected?
Is there somewhere comfortable to hold the package?

There will not be a point system but rankings 1 to X for all four criteria. Their average is the final result.

* For special rules see notices below.

Secondary Evaluation:

The secondary evaluation has no special structure: the jury members can make a subjective evaluation according to their general impression of each machine.

Sympathy Vote:

There will be also a sympathy vote by the audience: "This is the bike I like most!" It will be measure by applause.

All three judgements will be published. The main judgement will be the deciding one in awarding prizes.


Overall Weight Notice:

(Appended 11th December 2003)

As the focus of the 2004 contest is mainly on the folding, not on the equipment mounted on the bike, if any of the following parts are fitted their weight (approximated as below) will be deducted as a lump sum from the measured weight, so as to leave only the "bare" weight for comparison.

• mudguards:_400 g
• lighting:
__600 g
(dynamo lights according to
German government regulations)
• carrier:
___600 g
(conventional carrier or any
construction with the same function)
• kickstand:
_400 g

For bikes missing one or both brakes we will add for each one:

• brake:_____400 g

So the "adjusted" weight used in the evaluation is based on bikes without

mudguards, lighting, carrier and kickstand but with two brakes.

For technical and organisational simplicity we can only take into consideration these "standardised" weights for the competition. Both original measurements and the "adjusted" weights will be documented and published. If you (a competitor) attach great importance to the precise weight of your bike, we recommend that you dismount non-relevant parts in advance.

Notice on tricycles:

(Appended 16th January 2004)

To ensure a fair comparison tricycles will be awarded a 30% "bonus" on folding time, folding size and "standardised" weight. In other words, the relevant measurement results will be multiplied by 0.7 before the final comparison, but after the adjustments are made for various parts and accessories (see overall weight notice).

Translation courtesy of Peter Eland